The Invisible Ink Guarantee.

Be absolutely confident with the Invisible Ink Guarantee. Backed by nearly 10,000 successful treatments with advanced lasers, Invisible Ink guarantees the specific amount of ink that can be removed (if not 100%, we’ll tell you that too), the expected number of treatments, and the final all-in cost we will never exceed.

Using our proprietary InkAnalyticsTM diagnostics, we review over 40 unique factors, combined with the power of advanced PicoSure and PicoWay Laser technology, to show you what to expect – usually about half the number of treatments of traditional lasers, and, if we don’t deliver on our promise, receive free removal for a year. It’s a big decision, and your comfort and confidence are essential every step of the way.

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Advanced PicoLaser Technology. Exceptional Board-Certified Physicians.

Invisible Ink offers the latest FDA-approved PicoSure and PicoWay Laser technologies – capable of removing twice the amount of ink per treatment with significant pain reduction and improved outcomes compared to traditional lasers. Combined with highly trained technicians and board-certified physician oversight – representing nearly 10,000 successful treatments – Invisible Ink offers professional tattoo removal that also removes doubt and regret with laser-like effectiveness.

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Wondering how well Invisible Ink tattoo removal works? See for yourself. Our Before & After Gallery shows you how our advanced Pico Laser technology provides impressive results in about half the time as traditional lasers. Want to hear more about how our FDA-approved laser removal works, if it hurts, and what the total experience is like? Check out our Testimonial section and get the inside story on Invisible Ink’s amazingly effective tattoo removal.

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Invisible Ink reduces discomfort while removing regret.

Our Rx-strength numbing cream is the same used by doctors and hospitals, and our advanced skin chillers (capable of cooling and numbing small areas of your skin before, during and after the Pico Laser treatment) work to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with traditional tattoo removal. Add to that fewer treatments and advanced Pico Laser speeds, and it’s clear – the Invisible Ink experience is a choice you can feel good about.

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