3 Tattoo Trends That We Want to See More of This Year

We love a good tattoo just as much as a good tattoo removal – seriously, 56% of our staff are tattooed. Take a closer look at any of our laser managers and it’s pretty clear that they know their way around a PicoWay® laser and a tattoo shop! (How else do you think we meet our Tattoo Artist Ambassadors?)

In all seriousness, nothing makes us happier than to help someone get a tattoo faded or removed to make room for a design they love and want forever. Change comes in different forms and we’re here for all of it!

Here are three of our current favorites. Let us know if what we missed and have to check out in the comments!


Black and gray tattoos are about as iconic as a white t-shirt and pair of jeans. They never go out of style and they look great on everyone. Each year, they get a little better, too. Cincinnati-based tattoo artist, Jamie B —who also happens to be one of our Tattoo Artist Ambassadors—specializes in classic black in gray tattoos. “It just holds a special place in my heart.” Same, Jamie. Same. 


Embracing the flow of things is big for us, so we’re really into the freehand floral trend that’s been blossoming all over Instagram. Artists like Toronto’s Jess Chen are racking up likes and comments on posts featuring their beautiful, colorful blooms, shoots and stems. (BRB, booking a flight!) Custom, hand-drawn designs that fit each client’s body to a T are seriously inspiring.


Teeny #slimneedle tattoos have been dotting (literally) the arms of actresses and fashionistas for years, but tiny tattoos couldn’t get any bigger than right now. We have Los Angeles-based Doctor Woo, who dabbles in surrealist imagery, and Jonboy, who just tattooed Justin Beiber’s face, to thank for the surge in demand in super detailed designs. Little things can make the biggest impact.

So, what did we miss? And what else is going to be big in 2019? Let us know in the comments. We’re all ears – and arms! 

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