A St. Louis Mom’s Hot Take on Tattoos (And Removal) After Kids

Over the years Morgan Manser began to regret many of her tattoos. These feelings grew even stronger after she became a mother. We sat down with her at our St. Louis studio and talked about what finally prompted her to make a change.

Read her story below.

Q: How many tattoos do you have and where are they located?

I have 13 tattoos. They’re all over! Neck, arm, finger, ribs, thigh, foot.

Q: How has having a tattoo or tattoos impacted your life?

When I was younger, they gave me confidence. Now that I’m older I must admit I regret almost all of them! Some hold meaning, many don’t.

Q: Did becoming a mother change the way you view tattoos?

It did. Becoming a mother 100% changed the way I view tattoos. I’ve always heard becoming a mother changes everything.

That couldn’t hold more truth for me. The way I think, my goals, my mindset. It all changed and it made me wish I didn’t have all of these, primarily meaningless drawings on my skin. In my family photos, Christmas cards, birthday videos.

I won’t get another tattoo in this lifetime.

Morgan and her daughter.
Q: Why did you decide to pursue tattoo removal?

I had been following Invisible Ink on social media for over a year. I thought “the consultation is free. I won’t be any worse off than I am now, so I might as well check it out!”

Q: Which tattoos are you having removed?

Hopefully, eventually all of them! For right now, I am removing three on my right arm/elbow.

Q: How far into the process are you?

I’ve had one session of removal and am coming up on my second this month!

Q: What has been the most surprising part of tattoo removal?

Honestly, how painless, convenient, and reasonably priced it was!

I’m beyond glad with my decision to make the move and go to Invisible Ink.

Q: What will it mean to you once your tattoo is fully removed?

Everything. A new start. A fresh pallet. Memories that I find hurtful or regretful, gone.

I won’t have to have a visual daily reminder of a memory I don’t want.

Q: What would you say to moms out there who are second guessing old ink?

Make the call. Book the consultation! I am so grateful I did!

I literally recommend tattoo removal with Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers to people on a weekly basis!

And there you have it. Moms, if you’re ready to make a change, come see us!

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