Aftercare, Not an Afterthought: Tips from Our Team

So, you just had your first tattoo removal session. Congratulations on starting your change journey! 

And it wasn’t as bad as you expected?! We get that a lot… 

Keep the good vibes going with our team’s take on aftercare below.

Immediately After Session
  • Feeling like you’re sunburned, while uncomfortable, is totally normal. That means your body is responding — and it will pass! 
  • Your laser manager will apply a topical ointment to take out inflammation, soothe and hydrate skin. Then they’ll wrap it up and send you on your way home. 
  • Once you’re at home, take it easy. Refrain from excessive perspiration and blood flow. (For real: skip the hot yoga!)
The Day After Session
  • Skin will be tender, especially if you had a big tattoo treated, so take care. 
  • In the shower, use a dime-size amount of the Cetaphil we provide and gently cleanse the area in circular motion and rinse. Don’t use a washcloth, sponge or loofah – avoid anything that will irritate skin. Pat dry! 
  • Send us a pic! Our team asks that you send a photo to them via text so they can see how the area is looking and answer any questions or concerns. If everything’s looking good, you’ll be asked to reapply the topical ointment and bandage.
The Day After The Day After Session
  • On the third day, the “sunburn” isn’t feeling so bad. We encourage clients to switch from the ointment to Aquaphor or Hydrocortisone to combat dryness and itchiness.
  • Keeping the area moisturized and out of the sun is key during your removal journey. Happy healing!
Until Your Next Session
  • If you didn’t already, make sure you schedule your next session. Session slots can fill up fast!
  • Share your experience – the good, the bad, the unexpected – with friends and family. We find that it can be helpful to talk with others about your journey, but we understand sometimes these things are private!
  • Get social! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and join the conversation. See someone who’s got it all wrong about removal? Let them know your experience! Want to congratulate someone else on their progress? Go ahead!

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