3 Tips From Our CEO on Tattoo Removal

Leading by example takes on a whole new meaning when you’re leading a tattoo removal company. Our new CEO, Mike Stitt, doesn’t shy away from a challenge and just so happened to have a tattoo he’d outgrown from his college days.

Within a few days of starting, Mike decided to get his “frat tat” removed. He opted out of the recommended numbing cream to better understand the client journey. Below, see three of his takeaways…


Make sure you go to a professional place to get this done,” says Stitt. “The technology matters. The experience of the operator matters. The reputation matters. The people you’re interacting with matter. Pick the right place. Whether it’s Invisible Ink or a dermatologists’ office. Make sure you shop around. Pick a place you feel comfortable with and trust; the people also matter, you’re going to see them 8-10 times in the coming months.”

Seems pretty straightforward, but it may just be the most important piece of advice. “There are a lot of tricksters out there. And it’s your skin. And bad things could happen.” Taking notes?


Being informed about what to expect from tattoo removal is everything. “Make the decision on your own terms. Consider why you really want to do this; what is driving your desire to change? There’s something that’s compelling you to think about this, but don’t feel pressure. Don’t feel like you have to do it today,” says Stitt.

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. If you feel like you might need some reassurance about making the “right call,” give us a call. “There are black-and-white elements to this decision-making process like the laser, experience of the staff, cost – but don’t underestimate the emotional components; that’s where I see Invisible Ink standing apart; our people are the best!”


Change is good. Change is healthy. But change can be scary—because it never stops. Mike’s advice? “Enjoy the ride. Make the decision with the perspective that pain and price will be a distant memory.” When we do things for the right reason, we tend to look back with some fondness or nostalgia, but never regret. “Embrace and enjoy change – don’t fight it.” True for tattoo removal and life!

If you want to see more of Mike’s tattoo removal journey, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be talking with him throughout 2019 as he has his tattoo faded and makes room for another!

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