Ambassador Spotlight: Talking Tattooing and Removal with Adam Hernandez & Scary Carrie

A few weeks ago, we visited tattoo artists and Champion Tattoo Studio co-owners Adam Hernandez and Scary Carrie at their shop in Olathe, Kansas. We chatted about how they got started in tattooing, the freedom (and scariness) of being your own boss and how they really feel about tattoo removal. See what they had to say below!

We brought Kansas City BBQ to the team at Champion Tattoo for our sit-down chat.
Q: What was the first tattoo you ever gave someone?

Adam: I tattooed one that says “count your teeth,” and the o in your and the o in count were little bloody teeth, on the guy that I learned under. I tattooed a grapefruit and then the next day he’s like “you’re tattooing me.” I’m like “okay. Here we go.”

You get thrown to the wolves in this industry. You really do. It’s like sink or swim. Go!

Adam Hernandez, co-owner of Champion Tattoo in Olathe, Kansas.
Q: What has changed in the tattoo industry since you started?

Carrie: Everything. All of it. The internet. We have one now. There are so many artists now.

Adam: The saturation of artists. That’s probably changed the most. More and more artists are joining in, it’s not just the sailors and jailers anymore. It’s true artists.

Adam Hernandez’s station at Champion Tattoo.
Q: How would you define your style and what inspires you?

Adam: I like realism, a lot of detail, and contrast. I do black and gray, and color.

Carrie: I like color. I like color things.

Scary Carrie’s business cards and display show off her colorful style.
Q: Is there anything you wouldn’t tattoo?

Carrie: Oh yeah, a bunch of stuff. I turn down stuff all the time. White tattoos, neck tattoos, face tattoos, finger tattoos. I’m picky. If Adam asked me for it, I’d do it, I’d do whatever he wanted. If some 18-year-old kid walked in off the street and wants his face tattooed, I’d tell him no. It’s a case-by-case basis.

Adam: Oh yeah. Gang related, racist, wedding bands, people’s names that aren’t your kid, your dog, or a loved one. I didn’t get my hand done until I owned this shop!

Adam Hernandez talking to us about what he wouldn’t tattoo.
Q: What is the biggest misconception about tattoo artists or the work you do?

Adam: That we party all the time. That’s not existent. Not when you’re doing what we’re doing. We do a lot of large scale stuff. I got 3 clients doing full bodysuits. We’re constantly drawing. I tattoo all day, then I go home and draw until 2 in the morning and then I turn around and get here at 10 in the morning. I mean we party on the weekends…

Q: How often do you do coverups?

Adam: Not too often. I don’t take on too many. I got a lot more people with clean skin that want work. We tend to go that way.

We take on the super super hard coverups, we take on the ones that people say no to the most. “10 artists have told us no.” Well I kinda want to do it to show those artists that they can do it.

Carrie: I’d do em everyday. I’d only do coverups, make a living doing that, but not often.

A rainbow assortment of tattoo ink in Adam Hernandez’s station at Champion Tattoo.
Q: Last one! How do you feel about tattoo removal?

Adam: Oh I think it’s awesome.

Carrie: When it’s good, yeah. Awesome. Like you guys. We had a friend come to you. He wanted to do an 80’s leg and he had this gnarly skull. We wanted to add these glasses to it, but he needed to get it faded.

So he came to you guys. And it worked. Then I tattooed him some more.

Here’s one of Scary Carrie’s clients pre-, during and post- removal and cover up. The addition of the glasses and graphic design elements helped to “finish” this 80s inspired leg.
When tattoo removal and tattooing come together!

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3 thoughts on “Ambassador Spotlight: Talking Tattooing and Removal with Adam Hernandez & Scary Carrie

  1. My son is going through tattoo removal (three: two on the top part of his hands and one on the neck) and the person removing it (licensed) keeps saying stuff like “this will be last session” and it never is or, “I’ve got a new machine and it is a one time deal”, no, it wasn’t! “Next time, I’ll use a different tip on each one and that should work”, no, it didn’t! $6000 in after 6 sessions, 9 months apart and they are still there. Somewhat faded but, not removed. I don’t think she is delivering a good treatment but, my son is afraid to go elsewhere. Questions: (1) does a above process sound correct? (2) is the cost about right, (3) is it ok, to change to someone else, and (4) just how long should this process take? I know no one to ask about this! Help?

    1. Hi D.J.,
      Thank you for reaching out. Although we cannot speak to what laser is being used where your son is going, we would love to break things down a little for you! At Invisible Ink the average removal takes 10-12 sessions, spaced 8-10 weeks apart. Pricing ranges from $66-$339 per session depending on the size of your tattoo (or tattoos!). We actually see a lot of clients who leave old technology and come to Invisible Ink to be treated by our staff on the PicoWay Laser. At Invisible Ink we do one thing, and one thing really well: tattoo removal. With thousands of successful sessions, amazing results and friendly staff we would be happy to welcome your son to Invisible Ink. Have him schedule a complementary consultation with us today by giving us a call at 866-465-0090.

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