Ambassador Spotlight: Tattoo Shop Owner Mike Moore’s Consult & First Removal Session

A few months back, we sat down with piercer and tattoo shop owner Mike Moore and talked with him about his consult and first session at our Detroit studio. See what he had to say about what he’s having removed and why below.

How did you find out about Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers?

Jennifer stopped into my tattoo shop to introduce herself and tell me about the company. I needed a good place to send our customers to so I decided to visit the studio.

Jennifer [our GM] and Shay [our Laser Manager] educated me and showed me what they offer. After having referred people for a little while now, it was time for me to have some work done.

Mike and the tattoo he’s having removed with us before his first session.
What are you removing with us?

A 15-year old tattoo of a angel and devil heart on my right upper arm. The tattoo wasn’t designed or done very well, and doesn’t fit with the higher quality work I have on the rest of my arm.

Describe the consultation process.

The consultation process was very helpful. They measured me up and Jen let me know exactly what I should expect during and after the removal process. 

What are your plans for the space once your tattoo is completely faded?

I am going to have the artist that did the rest of my arm do some kind of red demon/devil piece in his style. An upgrade.

Here’s Mike’s first session.
Describe your first session. What was it like?

My first session was a little more painful than getting a tattoo, in that area, but it was very fast and tolerable.

It also wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be, and I didn’t use any of the numbing cream.

How was the aftercare? Did you have everything you needed?

I was given everything that I needed for sure. It was very easy and I experienced little to no discomfort.

Things were just a little bit itchy after a couple weeks — almost how it felt when a tattoo is a couple weeks into healing. 

Mike having a topical ointment applied after sessions– it takes out inflammation, soothes and hydrates skin.
How does you ink look now a few weeks post first session? 

It was noticeably lighter days after the first session and it’s even more noticeably lighter a few weeks after.

Favorite part about working with Invisible Ink?

Jen is great and awesome to work with on top of the fact that she has taken great care of every person I have referred to them. 

UPDATE! Mike has now had four sessions with Jen and Shay at our Detroit studio and is ready to get the cover up he has been dreaming of!

If you have questions for Mike, let us know in the comments. You can check in on his progress — just follow him on Instagram!

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