Blogger-Hairstylist Ally Feezel’s Tattoo Removal Experience

Ally Feezel is an Austin, Texas-based blogger and Senior Stylist at The Blonde Faith Salon. Like a lot of us, she got a tattoo when she was 18 and “loved it… for about 5 minutes.” The older she got, the more she grew to hate it. And with her wedding day on the horizon, she knew she wanted to get rid of it for good.

Ally wrote all about her experience on her blog, Beauty & the Blonde. We added some of our favorite highlights below!

Ally Feezel, the “Queen of Blondes.”
On Getting Started at Invisible Ink

Ally did her homework before getting started at our Austin, TX studio. She knew the right laser can make all the difference.

After doing a ton of research I came to the conclusion that the “Picosure” laser or the “Picoway” was the best. It is the most effective and most advanced technology that didn’t leave any scaring.

On Treatment Time and Pain

If you’re worried about how long you’ll be under the laser, read what Ally had to say about treatment time.

Each tattoo took less than 30 seconds to be hit with a laser, which for sure helped with the pain. You can do anything for 30 seconds right?!

Friendly reminder, we offer everyone numbing creams, skin chillers and stress balls to take the edge off. Not to mention we have an amazing team of caring people to lean on…

Here’s Allie’s tattoo removal progress. She had hers removed over the course of two years. Each person’s ink is different!
On the Removal Experience

Ally wasn’t sure what to expect from tattoo removal. She knew she wanted hers gone but “NEVER imagined it would literally be completely gone one day.” Here’s what she had to say about her concerns pre-treatment.

You can barely see the top of my tattoo and there is absolutely no scaring at all. One thing I was so so worried about was scarring and changing my skin. But you can’t tell at all, a lot of that has to do with the type of laser used and of course the technician!

Everyones experience can be different, and if your tattoo is smaller/lighter than what mine was I’m sure it would take you even less time! I still can’t believe my tattoo is completely gone and I am SO happy I made the decision to get it removed.

Ally’s before and after!

Have questions about the tattoo removal process? Ask away in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Blogger-Hairstylist Ally Feezel’s Tattoo Removal Experience

  1. I am needing to get my tattoo removed please. Is there anyone in the Indianapolis, Indiana area that you know of who does what you do?

  2. Hi my name is Jessica and I got a large tatoo on my thigh to cover up a big port wine stain. I really want to get it removed and wonder what the cost is to remove my tatoo. Also, can tatoo removal be done if someone is pregnant?

    1. Hi Jessica! We cannot treat someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. Our pricing is determined on various factors, it will be hard to say without seeing your ink in person. A typical full removal package could cost anywhere between $1,000 – $3,000, we recommend scheduling a consultation to discuss a price specific for your ink. Give us a call today! 866-465-0090

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