Heather Campbell-Green from CelebrityStyleGuide.com on What It’s REALLY Like to Get a Tattoo Removed

CelebrityStyleGuide.com CEO Heather Campbell-Green out & about in her native Austin, TX.

I got my tattoo in San Diego when all the California girls were thinking it was the best “discrete” placement for a tattoo. And it is, in fact, my husband’s initials.

Our marriage has stood the test of time, and although I still love and adore my husband, I fell out of love with my tattoo which has now been branded with an unfortunate moniker: Tramp stamp.


It faded poorly, lost its pretty blue color and it was not aging well. (See below!)

Here’s my tattoo before my first session. The famous initials! There’s some redness from the numbing cream. The rest of the photos are from a follow-up visit!

I decided it was time to get it removed and was so excited when Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers got in touch. My husband was totally fine with my decision, after all, he says he knows plenty of happily married people without tattoos.

I was curious about what it would be like to go through with a consultation, so I decided to come in for a visit.

When I arrived, I was surprised to see that the center was actually located within Hall Plastic Surgery Center. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the space looked and felt better than I thought it would. Clean, bright and modern. Kind of like a LensCrafters® or something.

Courtney and I in the consultation room talking about my tattoo and InkAnalytics™.

It helped that Courtney, the General Manager, greeted me at the front desk with a big smile. (We’ve pretty much become BFFs through this process.)

Courtney asked me a bunch of questions about the usual stuff – medical history, personal info – and then we had a real chat about what my tattoo meant to me, why I got it and why I wanted it removed.

Kind of felt like a therapy session. Turns out, I needed that!

Then she took out this measuring tool and started putting in a bunch of tattoo specific information – my skin type, location of the tattoo, size, ink density. I could tell she was being really thorough.

So, how many treatments would it take and how much was this thing going to cost? Mine was scoped for 7 treatments at a total cost of $1,372 for a complete removal. Courtney also gave me an “Ink Free Date” — not until 8/8/20 — and a guarantee that if it wasn’t 98% removed by that date, they’d keep treating it for free for a year.

But, Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers is covering the cost of my removal!

Courtney and I in the treatment room.

Then, on to the treatment room for a tour. I met Allison, my laser specialist who said she’d done thousands of tattoo removal treatments herself. This made me feel better!

I had a little time on my hands and there was some flexibility in their schedule so I decided to have my first treatment that same day. Allison showed me how to apply the numbing cream and I let it do its thing for about an hour and a half before getting started.

Allison getting started on my tattoo with the PicoWay® Laser. Full Disclosure: This photo isn’t from my first session — keep scrolling for that!

Side note: In addition to the numbing cream, Allison offered to use a machine that blows cold air on the tattoo. I decided to opt for both!

In a blink of an eye, my first treatment was done! I have a small tattoo, but the laser was firing for probably 30 seconds. And the worst part was definitely the anticipation… I’ve definitely endured more physical pain.

Allison bandaged me up and gave me a cute little kit for aftercare.

Here’s Allison bandaging me up post-treatment.

No hot yoga or exercise for a few days – darn, I guess I’ll have to relax a bit! Plus strict orders to stay out of the sun. Appointments are scheduled 8 weeks apart – they say it’s so my body can process the ink through it’s natural mechanisms.

Here’s before and after my first ever treatment! There’s redness from the numbing cream, but such a dramatic difference!

And here’s my tattoo after 3 treatments!

In summary, the pain was less than I expected and the people were AWESOME! Plus these results!

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  1. This is very much my story about my experience. I love this place and Gina at the location in Chesterfield mo. Is the best! Her attitude, welcoming and covering all details not to mention how she makes me feel comfortable and like she’s my friend just adds to the awesome experience. Only one thing please let people know that the frosting effect shown in one of your pictures fades quickly then the faded ink appears. Thank you.

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