How We Know When You’ll Be Ink-Free (It Was Developed at MIT)

We all change our minds. (Some more than others—that’s what makes us human!) Laser technology allows us to change tattoos. But, tattoo removal has a bad rap… 

With other centers, tattoo removal can be a guessing game. “How many treatments?!” With us, it’s a guarantee. Seriously, we give you a guaranteed ink-free date and everything. 

In our free consultations, our laser managers (32% of whom are undergoing fading or removal themselves) measure and snap a quick picture of your tattoo and walk you through a questionnaire covering more than 40 unique factors about you, your skin type and your tattoo.

Then, we plug in your unique tattoo profile into our InkAnalytics® platform, developed at MIT, comparing it against 60,000+ successful treatments. 

Through a little techy magic, we let you know:

  • The degree to which your tattoo can be safely removed; if we don’t think we can take it off fully, we’ll tell you.
  • The number of treatments we’ll need to reach our goal.
  • How much it will cost.

Very important: If we don’t think your tattoo can be completely removed, we will let you know up front!

This doesn’t always make us the most popular, but it does make us the most honest. We want everyone to make this decision with eyes wide open, because we’re in this together.

In most cases, complete removal occurs with 8-12 treatments.

If it takes more treatments than quoted, we offer free treatments on that tattoo for an entire year.

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