I Run A Tattoo Removal Studio: Here’s What It’s Like

I’m Kristy Vitale, the General Manager of Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers in Detroit, Michigan. Well, technically, Sterling Heights! I joined the team about two and half years ago and I love my job.

My passion in life is helping people make positive changes.

From left to right: Me, Mike Stitt, our CEO, and Jennifer Bally, our amazing Laser Manager, having a little fun on one of Mike’s recent trips to visit our center!

About a year ago, through Invisible Ink, I met a young lady who was getting out of an abusive relationship — she overcame abuse at its worst. She had purple ribbon tattooed on her hip that symbolized being a survivor. But, she was ready to move forward.

I remember that starting the journey was exciting for her, but scary too because the abuse was something she lived with for so long.

Now, she’s almost done with her treatments and couldn’t be more grateful that her tattoo is almost gone. The experience is just a distant memory.

Coming from a similar background myself, THIS is why I come to work every day. Helping people through their journey to change means everything to me.

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