Kayce Brown on Her New X-Ray Tattoo

Kayce Brown, one of our Regional Directors of Clinical Operations, has 4 tattoos, 2 of which are actually being removed. All are small — and all are black and gray. She wasn’t in the market for another, but, surrounded by literally hundreds of tattoo artists at the Villain Arts Chicago Tattoo Convention, inspiration met opportunity.

On the last day of the convention, all by herself and without the option of an earlier flight, she got an idea…

On The Hunt for an Impromptu Tattoo
Kayce showing off some of her favorite ink.

Kayce saw x-ray tattoos on Instagram and thought they were awesome. While she hadn’t done a lot of research, she talked to a lot of the artists on the convention floor. So she started walking around saying, “I have this idea. Are you booked?”

There were so many people laid out getting tattoos. I thought it would be really cool to get one. I’m spontaneous. That’s how I roll.

Finally Kayce came across Erik Baluyot, who seemed to understand her vision And he had the time to do it!

Kayce getting tattooed by Erik Baluyot on the floor of the Chicago Villain Arts Tattoo Convention.

I am one of these people who puts 10,000 meanings into the tattoo.

The past year has been really rough, so I loved the idea of the x-ray because it really shows the inside, exposed, getting into the real, this is what it is.

Kayce’s x-ray calla lily tattoo.

Kayce got two calla lilies in this x-ray, black and gray style. Calla lilies are her grandmother’s favorite flower and they stand for purity, which has personal significance.

Originally, I was going to have it on my side, horizontally. I lost my lung a few years ago and wanted to have it where my scars were, but Erik convinced me to go long and lean. Between a lot of my scars.

Kayce’s x-ray calla lily tattoo between her scars.

With Kayce’s background at Invisible Ink, Erik jokingly asked if she was going to keep her new ink, or “laser it off?”

The other tattoos I had were pretty spontaneous. This was my first mature tattoo. The first one where the artist was great. It’s exactly what I want. I’m happy with it.

From the sound of it, Erik has nothing to worry about. We think Kayce’s new ink is here to stay!

Ever get a tattoo on a whim? Let us know in the comments!

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