Let’s Be Friends, Kansas City!

Okay, okay, we may be a little biased but we’re pretty sure we have some of the coolest staff around, and our Kansas City team is some of the best. Get to know them…


Favorite part of your job?
 I love the personal connections we make with our clients and tattoo artists. The most rewarding part of my job is helping others.  It is good for the soul to help someone.  We have the ability to eliminate negative memories, help them with a career move or give them back their confidence. It makes my heart swell!

No, I do not have any tattoos.  When I was a teenager my father said that if I wanted a place to live, I better not get a tattoo.  My brother got one and it didn’t turn out well for him (laughs). As time progressed, I never had my heart dead set on one.  

Currently binge watching?
Forensic files or any Tru Crime TV shows…Snapped, Obsession, Nightmare Nextdoor or Who did I Marry.  I like to try and guess the ending before it is revealed. 


Describe your job in 3 words:

TWO! One I am actually removing…I started removing my “90’s tribal trend” tattoo with old technology. It was extremely painful and the Nano laser was never able to properly treat the blue and green ink. Once I started having it removed with the Picoway® here at Invisible Ink the results have been fantastic. My other tattoo is one that my best friend and I both have to commemorate what we call our “summer of Alt-J”…we followed the band around to multiple cities during their 2015 tour. I definitely plan to get more tats in the future with one of our Artist Ambassadors here in KC!

Favorite holiday?
Does my birthday count (smiles)? Only kidding…I would have to say Halloween because I love that time of year in general and who doesn’t love to dress up…am I right?!


Why Invisible Ink?
The ability to help others change and turn back time. I researched the company online and was really impressed with all of the positive reviews and client photos. I worked in the Medical Aesthetic field for years before starting at Invisible Ink. Plus, tattoo removal is so interesting!

I have no tattoos… I appreciate the art form it just never fit my style. 

Dream Vacation?
Tahiti! I would want to stay in a overwater bungalow…try exotic food and drinks, dance with the locals, maybe swim with the fish and watch the sunset over the water. Doing nothing for seven days sounds awesome!

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