Meet the Minneapolis Team

With thousands of successful sessions, amazing results and a strong passion to help clients change, our Minneapolis team is as good as it gets. Read their rapid fire Q&As and you’ll see why clients love visiting our St. Louis park studio!


Favorite part of your job?
I enjoy the variety of people that come into our studio to see what we can do for them.  There are many stories behind each and every tattoo that a person wants removed (or faded).  It’s raw emotion sometimes and when this is the circumstance, my heart goes out and I let them to know they are safe and secure with me as they share their situation; and I absolutely am thrilled that I can be a part of someone’s journey, be it to remove a painful memory, a tattoo that no longer has relevance, or maybe they just want to have their current tattoo faded, because they are all about fun, flexibility and whatever suits them so they can get something “shiny and new”

I have been considering getting one for a few years but have yet to find the design that fits me. If I did, it would be something to do with the ocean…seashells or seahorses!

Currently binge watching?
The Blacklist and NCIS…in both series, I love how their minds and individual actions all work together as a team to resolve the matters at hand.  It gives me intense gratification when I am on a team that works together, as I am an ultimate team player!


Describe your job in 3 words:
Fresh start.

Not yet! I am actually going to get a tattoo just to get it removed. I want to go through the process myself!

Favorite holiday?
NEW YEARS! As cheesy as it sounds its a fresh start and a new beginning.


Why Invisible Ink?  
I was referred by Michelle and was already intrigued about the industry because my husband is a tattoo artist.  

7 smaller tattoos and one giant piece: “Valuable backwards on my collarbone so I can read it in the mirror, a quote along my side torso, a clover on my side I got done in Ireland, a sister tattoo with our horoscopes intertwined, an anchor on my wrist, an arrow tattoo on my forearm, a mermaid on my forearm (currently getting it removed) and a giant back piece that extends down to my thigh. 

Dream Vacation?
Bora Bora! I would stay in a bungalow above the crystal blue water. My husband and I love to scuba dive. It would be a trip of a lifetime!

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