Old Flames Burn Out: A St. Louis Tattoo Removal Client Tells Her Removal Story

If you’ve been lucky enough to be in love, you may have been tempted to make it feel more… permanent. Sometimes those relationships don’t work out the way you hoped, and you’re left with regret in the form of a tattoo. But this Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that you can always make a change in your life and start anew with a tattoo removal from Invisible Ink. 

By Jasmine, Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal St. Louis Client 


My tattoo was a heart with my name and my ex-fiance’s name with music notes—a tattoo we both chose to express our love for one another. 

I got the tattoo in 2012 and our relationship ended in 2013. It wasn’t long after the breakup that I started researching methods to remove “Josh,” my ex’s name, from my body. 

The two ways I knew of at the time were either to (a) get it covered up or (b) use removal cream. I really was hoping to get it removed. At that point, I wanted to get it done before entering a new relationship. 

Why Invisible Ink? 

I chose Invisible Ink after reading reviews and researching the processes. It was important to go somewhere where the technology was advanced; it’s my skin, after all! Plus, I live at least 30-40 minutes from the St. Louis studio, so having something close has been really helpful to the overall process. 

It’s always such a great experience. Every time I enter the studio, it’s always so warm and inviting. I always feel like I’m treated like an individual and not just another client. patient. 

Life After Invisible Ink

Getting my tattoo removed with Invisible Ink has been the best decision ever. I felt like my skin would look so much better than any other tattoo removal business I could’ve gone with. It was a great choice and I would pick them every time. 

Ready to Make Your Change?

Inspired by Jasmine’s story? Want to erase regret and remove your ex’s name, initials or a wedding ring tattoo? From now until February 29, visit one of our 18 locations for the first removal session free of charge. Can’t find a location close by? Visit one of our partners at the Eraser Clinic, The Finery or Precision Laser.

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