People Spotlight: What Haley (with 10 Tattoos) Wants You to Know About Tattoo Removal… And Why She Loves Her Job

This week we sat down with Haley Suter, the Laser Manager at our Nashville center, to discuss the ins and outs of tattoos and tattoo removal. Spoiler: she’s had 3 tattoos removed herself!

Let’s get to it and hear what Haley has to say.

Haley having a seat in the treatment room at our Nashville center.
Q: What drew you to tattoo removal and to Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers?

In my 12 years of experience in working with lasers, I have always been interested in tattoo removal. I love the complexity and challenge it presents. It feels like it’s the most difficult, but most rewarding service to be able to offer a client.

Invisible Ink was a new opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience with lasers.

Q: What do you wish people knew about tattoo removal?

That it is a longer process than one might think. Sometimes people hate their tattoos and want them gone immediately but don’t realize it can take 1-2 years for full removal.

Haley putting the PicoWay® Laser to work in Nashville.
Q: What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Helping someone “turn back the hands of time,” on something they did out of a dare, from a relationship ending, or just simply because they’re at a different place in their lives, makes me feel SO fulfilled.

Q: Have any tattoos of your own?

I have 10. The ones I have on my upper arm, I put tons of thought into. They have meaning and a story behind them.

Haley’s black and gray half sleeve!
Q: But you’re also having tattoos removed?

I’m in the process of having 3 tattoos removed so far!

The tattoos I’m getting removed are from when I was 17 and 18 years old. So, as you can imagine, not much thought went into them. I just walked in and pointed to something on a board and said “Yeah! That one looks good. Put that one me” 

I will still continue to have my right arm tattooed though and plan to have a full sleeve soon! 

Haley’s saying “peace out” to this blue design. Here’s progress after 7 treatments — with 2 more to go!
🔥 Rapid Fire Questions 🔥


Yes! Always.

Favorite food?


Favorite Holiday?

CHRISTMAS! I’d move to the North Pole if I could.

If you have a question for Haley, like “will any type of pizza do?,” ask away in the comments section.

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