People Spotlight: Why Rachel Phillips, our Jacksonville General Manager, Loves Her Job

My name is Rachel Phillips, I’m the General Manager for Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers in Jacksonville, FL and I love my job.

To be honest, when I first heard about the position it was a brand new concept. The word “laser” was both intriguing and a little scary! But in the past two years I have learned more and genuinely helped more people than I did in the last 10 years when I worked in event management.

I’m Rachel (in the Salmon top) here with Jackie, our Jacksonville Laser Manager!
A Day in the Life

Most of my time day-to-day is spent in the consult room educating future clients on the removal process, and what that looks like, feels like and what it sounds like. (That’s right!)

It’s very important that I go through the entire process, answer all of the clients questions and set proper expectations from the beginning. No surprises! Even when they are not able to move forward, they always thank me for taking the time to explain what to expect when they are ready to commit.

It can be a scary process and there are so many reasons people have tattoos removed – most of them very personal. It is my job to listen and help them make the change in anyway that I can!

I love helping Jackie out in our treatment room!

I am also very active in the treatment room assisting my Laser Manager with all of the “extras” to ensure we provide the very best client experience each and every time, regardless how busy we are on a given day.

On Being a Tattoo-Loving “Tattoo Remover”

One of the biggest misconceptions about us is that we are anti-tattoo. That couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact one of the 1st things I notice when I meet someone is their ink. I find it fascinating to see what people have and learn the stories behind the art.

I follow over 200 artists on Instagram and have plans to get several more tattoos in place of the ones I am having removed. I always want more but am picky about what and where… Jackie and I have a lot of fun getting to know Jacksonville-area tattoo shop owners and artists and try to stop in once a month with a fun treat or new info to make their jobs easier.

This is Inksmith & Rogers Tattoo Studio, the longest running in Jacksonville!
On How Much Tattooing and Tattoo Removal Has Changed

Tattoos are becoming less of an “impulse purchase” and more of a well thought out process. There are far more high quality artists who are offering clients incredible works of art. 

But thankfully for us there are still those artists out there haphazardly applying ink in all the “wrong places.”

The Best Part of My Job

The most rewarding thing I do is helping people change for the better. Whether that is a new career, a new relationship, saying goodbye to being “young and dumb” – everyone has a reason and I truly enjoy listening to the story and then helping them move on.

Change IS possible & NOTHING is permanent anymore, so I say “out with the old and in with the new you!”

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