Re-Establishing Our Values, for 2019 and Beyond

I’ve been involved as an investor with Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers, so when I joined as CEO a short time ago, I was so happy to find a group of hard-working, friendly and committed teammates with a passion for helping people change through the tattoo removal process, across our 20 centers nationwide.

I was so happy that I decided to start my own tattoo removal journey.

And we celebrated a major accomplishment in 2018 – crossing the 50,000 tattoo removal treatment threshold. We are ONLY focused on tattoo removal – not the buffet strategy that other aesthetic providers employ, hoping to utilize their lasers to the max.

Specialization breeds expertise and excellence – and the 50,000 safe, effective tattoo removal treatment milestone is a result of that focus and dedication to being the best at one thing.

Update: As of March 2019, we have now crossed the 60,000 treatment milestone!

But, we needed to do more than just focus on treatments. That’s why we clarified and recommitted to our core values.

Invisible Ink was founded on a simple insight… People change. Our relationships change. Our bodies change. Our lives change. So… why do tattoos have to be forever?

Our purpose is to help people embrace their changes, skin deep and beyond. Our stated values are:


We do what we say we will do (and more) to exceed expectations; we treat our fellow teammates, clients and partners as we would our own friends and family.


This means we are in the people business, first. We act with empathy. We build trust in everything we do. We are candid and transparent. We can openly challenge each other to improve. We remember we are in this for the long term; without our relationships, what do we have?


We are seekers and tellers of truth. We believe in the spirit of continuous improvement. Life is a series of trial and error; intelligent failure is accepted and rewarded in our culture. We must remain nimble and ahead of the curve to deliver safe and effective experiences for our clients.


This means we are inclusive. We aim to create a safe, welcoming environment. We are stronger through our diversity. We believe everyone has a right to be who they want to be and the enhanced ability for anyone to change makes the world better.

These values guide and shape our approach to how we fulfill our purpose. They also establish boundaries for what we will not tolerate as we operate the company. Acting in a way that is inconsistent with our values comes with consequences.

In 2019, we want to continue to be the best and biggest tattoo removal specialist in the country. (Hey, it’s important to verbalize your goals!) So, expect to see a few improvements in our existing centers and some new cities on the map!

More importantly though, we plan to keep working hard for each other to help our clients to embrace change, skin deep and beyond.

Stay tuned for more REAL stories of change from real people—we’re talking our leadership team, laser managers, clients, and tattoo artist ambassadors.

— M.A.S.

7 thoughts on “Re-Establishing Our Values, for 2019 and Beyond

  1. I am not pleased with being told I have to wait until May to get an appointment after I had to cancel my appoitment March 9th due to having to work.
    This has already taken much longer than expected and being put OFF 2 MONTHS is unacceptable considering I have been treated way over a year now at the Nashville location.

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for reaching out. I think Tera from our team got in touch with you and we were able to squeeze you in this Saturday. Appreciate you reaching out and thanks for being part of the Invisible Ink family! -MAS

  2. Hi Mike
    Your leadership is awesome ….. it’s an honour to be part of the journey to deliver amazing experiences and change outcomes to our II family

  3. I’m not happy with the results. It’s a lot for me to keep driving to Kentucky from Dayton Ohio, 1 hour drive with my son and I’d rather save my gas and time and go somewhere else closer with results.. I’ve paid $1,237 and I’m still in the same position I was a year ago with the tattoo, if not worse because of the scars around the tattoo now; my skin has scarred and caused hyperpigmentation around my small tattoo on my face, it’s very visible and looks like I’ve been punched. It has barley even broken up after a year and I’m self conscious now, as it brings more attention to my face than before.

    1. Dear LaPrea, thank you for your comment. I am sorry you haven’t been happy with the process. Someone from our leadership team will reach out to you today to discuss how we can meet your expectations. We take this very seriously. Thank you again for reaching out. -MAS

  4. It is so humbling, yet exciting, to be a part of the change for all our amazing clients. Here’s to 2019….and beyond!

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