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Looking for the best tattoo removal team in RVA? With thousands of successful sessions, amazing results and the coolest tats around…these ladies are top notch. Read their rapid fire Q&As and you’ll see why clients are flocking to Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers Richmond.


Favorite part of your job?
Helping people remove a painful or ugly reminder of their past. I love being able to provide a service that enhances how people feel about themselves!

YES! I have 7…I got my first over 22 years ago in Whales, a small strawberry. I also got some of my ink faded by our amazing PicoWay® laser.

Currently Binge Watching?
I never tire of watching Spaced or Parks and Recreation. IMO there’s far too few episodes of Spaced, but you can see the seeds of Simon Pegg’s future movies. April and Ron from Parks and Rec have some of the best quotes on tv…ever. 


Describe your job in 3 words: No dull moments.

 I definitely have more than a few (smiles). My favorite is probably the one of Winifred Sanderson on my thigh. 

Favorite holiday?
Christmas! Mainly just because I’m a sucker for nostalgia.


Why Invisible Ink?
What drew me to join the team was actually hearing Kat talk about how much she loved her job. Then seeing the amazing results…I was sold!

 I actually don’t have any at the moment! I think tattoos are awesome, I just haven’t found anything that I love enough…yet.

Dream Vacation?

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