Clay Melvin: Here’s My Tattoo Removal Journey Following A Family Change…

Relationships change. Clay Melvin, our Regional Director of Sales and Operations, learned this firsthand after a falling out with a family member.

We talked with him about his decision to remove a beautifully done portrait and his experience with our PicoWay® Laser technology versus older technology. Read his interview below.

Clay post tattoo removal session number 5 at our Atlanta center.
Q: Describe the tattoo you’re getting removed.

It was a portrait of my mother, on my right forearm.

Q: Why are you getting it tattoo removed?

I figured a portrait of my mother would be a good tribute and that I would never regret it. I was wrong. Our relationship was always rocky but it continued to get worse over time. I moved back home for a bit in a rough patch a few years back and some things went down between us. She tried to get me fired. She threatened my livelihood and I was providing for my son…

Even when you think something is forever, it isn’t always that way

I’ve moved on, but I couldn’t take the heartbreak and constant reminder of that pain. The tattoo had to go. 

Here’s a before and after shot of Clay’s forearm.
Q: How many treatments have you had and how many were you quoted?

I have had 5 treatments thus far. Ink Analytics™ had me quoted at 9. I feel it will be done before that.

Q: How are you feeling about the tattoo removal process?

It is amazing. I have had tattoos removed in the past with old technology and it was a terrible experience all around — and this is like night and day! I could not be happier with every aspect.

Clearly, it can’t be gone fast enough but it is so much faster than before and without all of the damage that was done to my skin with that older tech.

Q: Did you find it painful?

Compared to the old technology I had in the past… absolutely not. But pain is relative. As I get older the pain of tattoos gets worse and I feel it’s the same for removal.

I could easily get through the treatments on my own but we do have numbing cream. Numbing cream works differently for everyone, but for me, I literally feel nothing! Doesn’t get much better than that!

Q: How are you feeling about the progress?

I feel great about it. It is almost completely gone and seeing the progress pics really puts it into perspective. 

Q: Do you have plans for the space that as tattooed?

The forearm is prime real estate for tattoos and I am pretty much covered so I cannot wait to get a new tattoo in the area. I have a fantastic artist named Steven Middleton to do a portrait of my son in the place where my mother was.

I am so excited to get it and show it to him. He always asks me, “Daddy, are you ever going to get my face on you?” I can’t wait to get it done and see his face!

Q: What are your tips for people coming in for their first removal?

Do your research. Don’t go down the rabbit hole, but it’s always good to have a baseline knowledge of any treatment you want to have done. It also allows you to have any questions in mind that you want answered.

The most important questions are:

  1. What type of technology do you use?
  2. What analytics program do you use to formulate treatment protocol and price?
  3. And, what is the training of the technician that will be doing my treatment?

Go with a treatment facility that you trust and that provides the best technology out paired with highly trained technicians. If you did all of this, didn’t pick us, and don’t like the results, come see us. 

Clay with our Indianapolis team. Left to right, Kelly Howell, General Manager, Clay and Holly Uppencamp, Laser Manager.

Have questions for Clay? Had a falling out with someone that led to a tattoo or tattoo removal? Leave a comment below!

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