How does Pico Laser removal work? How long does a session take? Is it painful? Are there tattoos that can’t be removed? Find answers to these important questions and more in our FAQs.

No. One of the beauties of PicoWay’s technology is that while it is more powerful than traditional laser removal, it operates at such high speeds that it can target the ink molecules and break it apart without heating up or damaging the skin, which can lead to scaring with less-advanced services.

Yes. PicoWay can usually get the job done in about half the sessions as traditional lasers.

It gives the ability to remove tattoo colors from across the spectrum. Most lasers operate at only a single wavelength, making it hard to ‘see’ colors that fall outside of that wavelength and therefore not optimal for removing certain colors of tattoos or working on certain skin tones. PicoWay 3-Wavelength technology operates at 532nm, 785nm and 1064 nm respectively, covering all the colors in the the rainbow.

A laser system that operates in picoseconds (one trillionth of a second to be exact) capable of operating on three different wavelengths, giving more powerful bursts of energy at shorter intervals than traditional lasers. This advanced speed is more effective at disrupting and removing ink at the molecular level, while not damaging the surrounding tissue.

Most tattoos can be entirely removed using our array of lasers. Based on the specific characteristics of your tattoo, our laser professionals will be open with you about what level of removal is most likely to be possible for your tattoo.

Invisible Ink offers FDA-approved PicoWay lasers. The advanced capabilities provide better results in half the time than the conventional q-switched technology. And at Invisible Ink, tattoo removal is all we do. Our passion is making this process easy and effective for you.

Every patient receives a personalized plan with the clinical care a medical procedure requires. Our professionally trained staff will be your guides, leading you through a process that is far easier than you may expect. We provide absolutely clear expectations. Before we begin, you will know how it works and what you can expect.

Thanks to our advanced PicoWay technologies, Invisible Ink can work on even the more challenging tattoo colors that at one time would have been impossible to eliminate from the skin. It is even an alternative for those who have tried tattoo removal before, but gave up after seeing the poor results! See an Invisible Ink Consultant near you for more details.

Some compare our tattoo removal to having a tattoo applied, but for a much, much shorter period of time. It’s like being on the receiving end of a rubber band snap. Keeping pain to a minimum is very important to us at Invisible Ink. That’s why, in addition to advanced Pico Laser technology, we use an Rx-strength topical anesthetic cream and specialized cooling system to numb the skin.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for laser removal. There are several important factors that affect our ability to safely and effectively remove tattoos, including: the color/colors in the tattoo, skin type, amount of ink, and the location of the tattoo on your body. Because of the science behind laser removal, some colors are easier for the laser to remove. Also, factors regarding light or dark skin coloring will influence the laser’s ability to effectively remove your tattoo without damage to your skin. We will look at these and other factors in our consultation as we determine if you are a good candidate for removal. We simply won’t remove the tattoo if there is danger of permanently damaging your skin. That’s a promise!

Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers cannot treat permanent makeup, pregnant women, or women who are nursing. Recent tattoos need to be fully healed before treating (typically 6-8 weeks after receiving tattoo). For more information, or questions please give us a call at 1-866-465-0090 before booking.

Using our advanced Pico Laser technology, most tattoos are removed in as few as 10 visits, with sessions scheduled eight weeks apart. Invisible Ink laser professionals will take great care in establishing your personalized treatment plan and expectations based on the specific characteristics of your skin and your tattoo.

On average, a session takes a few minutes to complete, depending on the complexity and size of your tattoo. We’re committed to having you in and out of the center before you know it!

The laser delivers extremely short pulses of light energy into the treatment area. Beneath the skin, the ink selectively absorbs the light without destroying the surrounding normal tissue. After absorbing the light, the ink shatters into exceedingly small particles that are harmlessly cleared by your body’s natural immune system in the weeks following the session.

Where the tattoo is located on your body, and how much ink is present, does have an effect. The further away from your heart and the more dense the ink, the longer it will take to remove the tattoo. For example, a tattoo on a foot can take significantly more sessions to remove than the same size and color tattoo on the chest. This is due to the fact that the blood circulation is much better closer to the heart than in your foot (the same reason your feet get colder quicker than the rest of your body). The less circulation present to carry away the ink, the longer it will take to remove the tattoo.

Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers does not treat permanent makeup due to the chemical ingredients in the ink. While some can be removed successfully, more often than not cosmetic ink used in permanent makeup (which is different than tattoo ink) has a metallic base causing it to turn black or other fluorescent colors permanently upon contact with the laser. Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers prides itself on selling with integrity and guaranteeing our work; it is because of the uncertainty in outcome that comes with lasering permanent makeup that as an organization we have decided not to offer this service.

We have professional tattoo removal packages & payment plans designed to fit nearly any budget – even monthly Value Plans. Check out our tattoo removal pricing page for more details, or visit a location near you.