Schedule a free consult


You talk. We listen. We don’t judge. We will use Ink Analytics to get the details.

Plan on about 30 minutes. Longer or shorter if you like.

Start treatments

(that day if you like)

The laser stuff usually only takes a few minutes depending on size of your tattoo.

For first-timers, consult & paperwork takes about an hour.

Come back every 8 weeks or so


By this point, we’ll probably all be buddies. Like we said, we’re big on relationships.

Plan on about 30 minutes per visit.

In time, your tattoo fades away


You did it, and we couldn’t be happier. The only sad thing - we won’t see you anymore.

You’re guaranteed. If more treatments are needed, get them free for up to a year.

Visit our technology page for details on how our PicoWay® Lasers work

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