World Exclusive:

3-Wavelength Picoway® Laser System

All colors. All skin types. All faster than ever.

As the world’s leading tattoo removal chain, Invisible Ink’s commitment to customer comfort and satisfaction continues to raise the bar. With exclusive color-erasing PicoWay 3-Wavelength technology, rethinking your ink has never been easier (or faster). See for yourself – schedule a FREE Consultation today.

Exclusive PicoWay Laser System 
& our No Fear Guarantee

Invisible Ink is the first national tattoo removal chain to feature advanced 3-Wavelength PicoWay technology. Operating at three different wavelengths, this powerful new tech is able to remove all tattoo colors on all skin types – faster then ever.

Traditional lasers have a hard time with some ink colors – especially yellows and blues. But Invisible Ink’s advanced 3-Wavelength PicoWay system works in a broader spectrum, effectively removing more colors on more types of skin.

Also, because of this ultra-fast state-of-the-art technology, Invisible Ink is able to remove your ink without the damaging heat (and scarring potential) generated by traditional laser technology.

Backed by Invisible Ink’s No Fear Guarantee that ensures a final all-in cost that will never be exceeded, it’s no wonder Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers has an astonishing 99% “highly positive” customer review rate.

For more info, schedule a FREE Consultation today at an Invisible Ink near you.

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