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From our state-of-the-art Tattoo Removal Center to our experienced staff of certified technicians – Invisible Ink is the largest tattoo removal chain in the world, offering faster removal with less pain and greater satisfaction:

Exclusive 3-Wavelength PicoWay Laser System

Able to remove all tattoo colors from all skin types faster, Invisible Ink will be the first chain in the world to exclusively feature 3 Pico-Second Wavelengths in all centers.

No-Fear Guarantee

Based on over 50,000 documented treatments, with oversight from 10 board certified physicians, we can guarantee a final all-in cost we will absolutely never exceed.

Amazing Reviews

Invisible Ink has hundreds of satisfied consumer reviews (and still counting) with an astounding 99% of these reviews highly positive.

New Finance Plans Available

Complimentary consultations, flexible pricing solutions for any budget, plus big discounts for pay-in-full customers.