Minneapolis-based Blogger Sarah Heath Talks Her Tattoo Removal Journey

Hey! I’m Sarah Heath of brunetteandbabes.com! I am a wife and mother to two darling daughters. I’m passionate about sharing my love for gentle parenting, products, and brands that I believe in. I also happen to have a tattoo that I HATE.

I have total 4 tattoos and I just wasn’t feeling one of them anymore. I got it when I was 17 — an old boyfriend’s initial. I was tired of looking at it in the mirror… and having my husband see it! (It’s not his initial…)

So, after doing some digging on my own, I worked up the nerve to call Invisible Ink’s 800 number to see about setting up a consultation.

Spoiler: I’ve had 4 total treatments so far (so the call went well) but I wanted to walk you through my process because I know there’s a lot of my readers out there who are curious about what the heck happens during tattoo removal or they’re thinking about tattoo removal for themselves!

Here’s the famous initial before my first-ever treatment and after a little numbing cream. (Thus the redness!)
First Consult Jitters

I set up my consultation at the closest studio, in St. Louis Park here in the twin cities — which is only 30 minutes or so from my house. In addition to having a coffee station within the studio, my favorite café is a half block away so it’s pretty much heaven there.

When I walked in for my first consultation I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d seen some of Invisible Ink’s posts on social media and I was worried things were going to be cold and clinical. But the studio was cozy and warm – which is important in Minnesota! (Did I mention coffee station?!)

Here’s Tera and I at the St. Louis Park studio. And, yep, that’s snow on the ground from my most recent appointment… in April.

During the initial consult, Tera asked me a bunch of questions about my medical history and then we got right to it… What my tattoo meant to me. Why I got it. And why I wanted it removed.

Tera and I talking my tattoo removal goals. It helps that Tera is also having a few tattoos removed herself. She gets it and the whole thing didn’t feel too heavy.
Measuring Up

In order to prepare a quote, Tera took out this measuring tool and started entering a bunch of tattoo specific information – my skin type, location of the tattoo, size, density – into this program that she called Ink Analytics.

Here’s my tattoo being measured up after three total sessions. It’s lighter overall than my “before” but still the same total size.

It was pretty cool because, in the end, she gave me an “Ink Free Date” and quoted me as needing 10 total treatments for complete removal. They also have an amazing guarantee, so, if my tattoo wasn’t 98% removed by 3/26/2020, they’d keep treating it for free for a year.

Treatment Time
Me in the treatment room. And these safety glasses are actually kind of cute with my top!

Since I was eager to get my tattoo removed, and because they had an opening, I decided to get started on the same day as my consult. I hadn’t ever had a laser treatment so I was scared it would hurt. When Tera recommended numbing cream, I opted for it.

As soon as the numbing cream was absorbed (1.5 hours is the sweet spot for me), we got started! Since I’ve had a few treatments now, I would definitely recommend numbing cream if you’re even the tiniest bit scared or worried. It helps take the edge off for sure!

Here’s me in my most recent treatment. I always numb beforehand and then use Invisible Ink’s “chillers” machine that blows cold air.

I have a smallish tattoo, so the whole treatment took 5 minutes. MAX! I’ve also endured worse physical pain. ( Hey, I’ve given birth to two daughters!) Tera has thousands of treatments under her belt too, so I’m always super comfortable!

After Treatment Aftercare
All smiles, post-treatment with Tera! I still think I have the cuter glasses.

Immediately after treatment, it feels a little bit like sunburn. You know it’s there… but whatever Tera applies helps a ton! She also bandages me up and always sends me home with a cute little aftercare kit with instructions and exactly the right amount of ointment.

Tera handing over my aftercare kit goodies. Totally not staged.

Since I have two little girls who have busy little lives themselves, I always set up my next appointment while I’m in the studio.

Never sooner than 8 weeks apart – they say it’s so my body can process out the ink. The longer I wait, the more dramatic the result!

Gotta put my appointment in the calendar or it doesn’t happen for this busy mama!
The Real Deal

I just finished my fourth treatment and am so excited about the results I’m seeing!

For me, the studio is super close, the staff are incredible and treatment takes like 5 minutes or less.

Here’s IMMEDIATELY after my fourth treatment. There’s some redness from the numbing cream and some “frosting” from the laser. It won’t stay white, but it will keep lifting!

If you’re thinking of tattoo removal, you really owe it to yourself to set up a free consult.

Ask me any questions in the comments!

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