Our Founders

Invisible Ink was founded on a very simple insight – People Change. Our tastes change. Our goals change. Our relationships change. Why do tattoos have to be forever?

It is only natural that some tattoos no longer reflect who we are. Whether it is a subtle pang or an intense regret, our purpose is to make your unwanted ink invisible. So you can forget it, or replace it, and just move forward.

Our founding team knows about quality, professionalism and integrity. These are the values that serve as Invisible Ink’s foundation. Our team connects executive leaders who built LensCraftersTM into a national chain based on value and convenience, an executive search professional who understands the unfortunate challenge a tattoo can create in finding solid employment, and a Facial Plastic Surgeon trained at America’s elite medical institutions who knows what top-notch healthcare looks like.

Together we want to bring to people everywhere the first true advance for tattoo removal in decades, the Picosecond Laser. We believe this breakthrough technology will finally delight patients with outstanding tattoo removal results. Equally important, we are committed to applying our values of professionalism and integrity to the tattoo removal industry. We are dedicated to giving you better results, a better experience, and a better value at Invisible Ink.


Invisible Ink Founders