Invisible Ink is the first national tattoo removal chain to feature advanced 3-Wavelength PicoWay® technology. 

This leading-edge, color-erasing tech works safely on all ink colors and skin types – eliminating potential skin-damaging heat of old tech while reducing number of required treatments by about half.

All colors. All skin types. All faster than ever.

PicoWay® Q&A

No. One of the beauties of PicoWay’s technology is that while it is more powerful than traditional laser removal, it operates at such high speeds that it can target the ink molecules and break it apart without heating up or damaging the skin, which can lead to scaring with less-advanced services.

It gives the ability to remove tattoo colors from across the spectrum. Most lasers operate at only a single wavelength, making it hard to ‘see’ colors that fall outside of that wavelength and therefore not optimal for removing certain colors of tattoos or working on certain skin tones. PicoWay 3-Wavelength technology operates at 532nm, 785nm and 1064 nm respectively, covering all the colors in the the rainbow.

A laser system that operates in picoseconds (one trillionth of a second to be exact) capable of operating on three different wavelengths, giving more powerful bursts of energy at shorter intervals than traditional lasers. This advanced speed is more effective at disrupting and removing ink at the molecular level, while not damaging the surrounding tissue.