People Spotlight: Manna, our Richmond GM, on Life Being Too Short Not to Love Your Ink

Manna Bermudez may be new to Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers Richmond, but she has more than 15 years’ experience in the aesthetic industry. She spent many of those years working with lasers, and always had an interest in tattoo removal.

We sat down with Manna to learn more about her day-to-day and what she loves most about working at Invisible Ink!

Q: What drew you to Invisible Ink?

When researching the company I saw the overwhelming positive reviews from clients and artists. That was extremely important to me!

Q: How do you describe your approach to consultation and connecting with clients?

I approach each client with honesty, empathy, and being enthusiastic about helping them achieve their ink-free or fading goals.

I believe my enthusiasm is contagious. (I hope it is!)  

Meet Manna, our Richmond studio’s GM!
Q: What is the most rewarding/favorite thing about your job?

We have so many clients that are removing ink so they can join the Armed Forces, law enforcement, or advance their career. I absolutely love knowing that we are helping clients make such positive changes in their lives!

Q: How has the tattoo removal industry changed since you started working for Invisible Ink?

I am new to Invisible Ink; however, in the short time that I have been with the company I have seen how people are realizing what a difference fading a tattoo can make if you want to do a cover-up.

I am very excited about all the opportunities that await with our Artist Ambassadors!

Q: How has the PicoWay® Laser changed the removal process?

I do multiple consults each week with clients that were scarred by older technology; too much heat was used or there is blue and green ink that is encapsulated in scar tissue.

With the PicoWay® Laser, we do not have to worry about creating those issues for our clients.

We can treat any color ink and it is safe for all skin types.

Q: What’s the one thing you wish people knew about tattoo removal?

That it isn’t a quick process, but when it is done with the best laser (PicoWay®) and by well-trained techs, you can have amazing results!

Q: What are the biggest misconceptions about your job?

That we do not like tattoos! We LOVE tattoos!

We want our clients to have tattoos that they love… life is too short to walk around with ink that you don’t love!

Manna laughing it up with Laser Manager Kathleen in our Richmond studio.
Q: Do you have tattoos? How many? Any plans for more?

I have 6 tattoos. One is a large back piece that is a cover-up (still in progress). I plan on having many more done.

Q: Have you had any tattoos removed?

I am having one lightened so the cover-up is easier for the artist.

Manna showing off one of her tattoos. Hello, Bettie Paige!

🔥 Rapid Fire Round: A few of your favorite things!🔥

Q: Movie?

I’m a movie fanatic, so this is difficult. Across the Universe lately.

Q: Food?


Q: Holiday?


Q: Song you’re feeling right now?

Anything by Social Distortion.

Q: Wanderlust?

Yes! Heading to San Francisco in June.

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