People Spotlight: Our Brand Manager on Why She Would ‘Never Remove’ Her Ink

Tattoos don’t have to be forever, but sometimes we want them to stay that way. Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers’ Brand Manager Tori Scheetz sees a lot of change, “in and out of the workplace: relationships, styles, technology. The list goes on.”

These days she’s just looking for something constant. “Sometimes it’s okay for things to remain the same.”

For Tori, it’s her ink. “Every day I see our clients coming into our studios to make a change, to make the (sometimes) emotional decision to get their ink erased for good, but I don’t see myself ever wanting to remove mine.”

Tori’s anchor — a tattoo she shares with her older sister.

Tori isn’t covered in tattoos. At first glance her ink is almost unnoticeable. Three small, all-black pieces dot both wrists and her left forearm.

Tiny Tattoos with Big Significance

Each tattoo carries heavy meaning. “At a young age I promised myself I would only get tattoos that symbolize something permanent. Something I could see myself with for the rest of my life.”

“Love always” is a special reminder of Tori’s mom who signs every card with the phrase.

All of Tori’s tattoos are reminders of someone special. She has matching anchor tattoos with her older sister, her mother’s famous card-ending salutation inked in her own script, and a poppy flower representing her loving grandfather, “Poppy.”

Tori’s poppy for her grandfather.

“Every time I look down or catch myself in the mirror, I’m reminded of three extremely influential and important people in my life. As the world around me continues to change, my tattoos are a calming force and a reminder of where I came from and where I want to go.”

Tori values her tattoos so much she even took the steps to clean up her ink, removing ink bleed-out on her poppy tattoo on a trip to one of our studios.(That’s PicoWay® power for you!) “It’s not just that I want to keep my tattoos forever, I want to keep the integrity of my ink too.” 

We have a feeling that Tori’s tattoos really are here to stay.

Have any ink that you wouldn’t dream of changing? Let us know in the comments!

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