People Spotlight: What Kathleen, Richmond’s LM, Wishes People Knew About Tattoo Removal

As if Kathleen’s arms weren’t already an indication, she’s spent some serious time in and out of tattoo shops. She has also spent some time under a tattoo removal laser — removing unwanted ink with old and our technology, which gives her a unique perspective that she brings to her clients at our Richmond studio as Laser Manager.

We chatted with Kathleen about just how far tattoo removal technology has come, common misconceptions and whether or not she sees getting MORE tattoos in her future.

Q: What drew you to Invisible Ink?

Right from the jump everyone I interacted with was amazing — those first impressions sold me.

Q: What does your day-to-day look like?

That’s the beauty of this industry, no two days are the same! There’s always someone with a new story to tell and I love that.

Kathleen, our Richmond studio LM, has just a few tattoos!
Q: What is the most rewarding/favorite thing about your job?

The best thing is seeing someone slowly come out of why might have been a really unpleasant situation that brought them to us. That change is incredible. 

This can be a very scary or emotionally draining process for people so I think embracing that and validating their feeling is hugely important as well. 

Q: What are the biggest misconceptions?

That it’s a “one and done” for treatment… People are always so surprised to find out that it can be quite a long process.

It takes time and patience. Just “cranking up the energy” or “just blast it off” aren’t options!

Kathleen and Manna, Richmond’s GM, in a totally candid moment.
Q: How has the tattoo removal industry changed since you started working for Invisible Ink?

I’ve watched this industry change massively even as an outsider.

I’ve been treated on both old technology and new, and the difference is remarkable.

I remember when I was first treated about 10 years ago no one even mentioned aftercare to me. Now it’s such a vital part of what we do. 

The PicoWay® laser is also such a game changer. The healing process alone is so much easier and less painful. 

Kathleen showing off her two full sleeves. No shortage of beautiful, colorful tattoos here!

🔥Okay, rapid fire round! 🔥

Q: Do you have tattoos?

Yes! A lot.

Q: Any plans for more?

For sure!

Q: Favorite movie?

“Legally blonde” will always and forever be a favorite!

Q: Favorite food?


Q: Song you’re feeling right now?

“Hey, Leigh” by Thieving Birds.

Q: Wanderlust?


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One thought on “People Spotlight: What Kathleen, Richmond’s LM, Wishes People Knew About Tattoo Removal

  1. Kat is the reason I never mind driving an hour and a half for my appointments! She is straight up WONDERFUL! She pays attention to how I am feeling and chats through the entire process which is very helpful. My treatment takes about 15 minutes and isn’t too bad. I would recommend this to anyone looking to have a tattoo removed. I adore Kat and there could not be a more perfect face to represent your Richmond Studio!

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