Ready to rethink your ink? Are your friends thinking the same thing? Just come in to an Invisible Ink center near you, make a qualifying purchase, and both you and your friend will each get a $100 Visa Gift Card. Just tell us the name of the Invisible Ink client who referred you when you call or come in. It’s that simple. What are you waiting for? Get guaranteed satisfaction, plus a $100 Gift Card with Invisible Ink.

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*Qualifying Purchase For $100 Visa Gift Card: Pay-In-Advance; Pay Half Up Front (when 2nd payment is made); Fortiva Financed (when signed); Fixed Monthly Payments (plan must reach 6 months); Pay-As-You-Go (must reach 3 treatments).

The Invisible Ink Difference: Absolute Confidence

With advanced Pico Laser technology, Plastic Surgeon expertise, certified staff and 10,000 successful treatments and counting, Invisible Ink offers outstanding outcomes with outstanding peace-of-mind.

The Invisible Ink Guarantee

Be absolutely confident with the Invisible Ink Guarantee. Backed by nearly 10,000 successful treatments with advanced lasers, Invisible Ink guarantees the specific amount of ink that can be removed (if not 100%, we’ll tell you that too), the number of treatments, and the final all-in cost we will never exceed.

Pico Laser Technology

Traditional lasers deliver high heat to your skin tissue, capable of causing irreparable scaring. Invisible Ink offers the latest FDA-approved Pico Laser technology – over 100X faster, using Pressure Waves to molecularize ink into tiny particles without harmful heat. This means faster healing, fewer treatments, and less discomfort.

See Results Before You Even Begin

Using our proprietary Ink Analytics™ diagnostics – developed by a certified Plastic Surgeon – we review over 40 unique factors, combined with the power of advanced PicoSure and PicoWay Laser technology, to show you what to expect – usually about half the number of traditional lasers. And, if we don’t deliver on our promise, receive free removal for a year. It’s a big decision, and your comfort and confidence is essential every step of the way.