Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt? Our Clients Tell Their Stories.

What attracted me here is that you specialize in tattoo removal and not just anything.Alyssa S.

From first impressions to lasting results – see what our past clients have to say about their experience with Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers. Do they think Pico Lasers are the best for their tattoo removal? What does it really feel like? Is the Invisible Ink difference enough for them to recommend to family and friends? See for yourself below.

The Experience

I came to invisible ink already having two sessions with another tattoo remover. The difference after one session with invisible ink almost made me weep tears of joy.Kim D.
This place is awesome!!! The girls that work there are so accommodating, sweet and professional. The office is spotless. I look forward to going and seeing all of the girls that work there every 8 weeks. Highly recommended!!!!!Harrison W.
With such a caring and enthusiastic staff that has the ability to make you feel comfortable in otherwise hesitant situations- I will certainly continue to share their name!Jessica N.
I couldn’t recommend them higher; the customer service, professionalism, payment options, and quick procedure were all amazing. If I could give them 10 stars, I would!Brianna H.
I’ve had other tattoo removals in the past and they were terrible. Going into Invisible ink I was prepared for the worst but I was wrong. The staff is friendly and takes time to answer all your questions, the removal process is simple and fast.Holly H. (Richmond)
The girls at Invisible Ink couldn’t be nicer! They do everything they can to make your visit as pleasant as possible. I highly recommend them if you are looking for tattoo removal!Yelp
I’ve had a wonderful experience every time I’ve come here… I would highly recommend coming to Invisible Ink.Alexis H.
Super staff and great experience so far. Halfway through my sessions and making good progress.Yelp
The atmosphere right off the bat was really amazing, really comfortable. I was offered a drink upon coming in, and my parents felt very comfortable about it too.Grace F.
Yes, I told my friend about Invisible Ink and I would tell everyone especially after I have had this experience.Grace F.


They turned a negative tattoo into a positive experience and I am so thankful they exist! Everyone asks about the pain – it’s manageable and way easier/less painful than anything else!!! THANK YOU!!!Hilary H.
Pain on a scale of 1-10, a 1, it didn’t hurt at all, just uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe it! The numbing cream worked so well and the treatment lasted 30 seconds, if that. If you’re someone who is less tolerant of pain, it’s the best money you’ll ever spend if you have a tattoo removed. I’m thankful this facility exists!Mindy S.
I was skeptical about how well the numbing cream would work, but she couldn’t have been more right. I had heard horror stories about the painful process, but I can honestly say I didn’t feel much at all. The combination of the new laser and the numbing cream made for a quite painless experience.Ryan C.
The way they numbed me prior to the treatment with the cream and the cool air that they put on it, it’s not bad at all.Alexis H.
I am really surprised how much it faded from the first treatment. It was so much better….with my last treatment somewhere else, I couldn’t even tell a difference. This one here I was so impressed.Amy
I was pretty nervous… I thought it was going to be terrible. It was nowhere near as bad as I expected… Overall it was a little less painful than a tattoo…It felt a lot more isolated…almost like little tiny shocks. I think tattoos are more like a rubbing digging, abrasive feeling…. at its worst a “4” and the pain subsided quickly.TJ
It feels great (day later)… aside from looking at the (minor) blisters I haven’t popped them, I don’t feel them, and literally no pain … nothing to it.TJ

Performance & Speed

It’s insane how much my tattoo is going away. Everyday I look down at it and it continues to fade away. You can actually see pieces of my natural skin peeping through! It’s amazing, just amazing!Elizabeth S.
I took the bandages off a couple hours after my treatment and I was AMAZED that I saw as much progress as I did! I absolutely love this place and would highly recommend checking them out if you’re considering removing a tattoo. I honestly don’t think it could have gone any better than it did!Amber C.
I have had numerous treatments, including laser to try to remove 2 very bright and colorful tattoos. The Invisible Ink laser is far superior to any other place I have been. Their laser is able to actually get out greens and purples, which many other lasers can’t.Kari R.
After going elsewhere and not seeing good results, I took a 2 year break, and then started the process up again with Invisible Ink. After only 1 session with Invisible Ink I saw more results than the first 4 sessions I had at another place!Dani J.
I LOVE THIS PLACE! I have been getting treatments to remove a tattoo on my wrist and the process is so easy. They use the PicoWay laser so treatment time is cut down tremendously.Yelp
I’ve had sisters who had tattoos removed before with the (old) lasers, they’ve had double the treatments I had so far, and mine is way more lighter… it works!Alexis H.
This laser is amazing! The results are impressive. You won’t be disappointed.Yelp
Other dermatologists said the green and yellow colors were the most difficult to get out which is exactly what my tattoo is, whereas the Pico laser actually loves those colors, that’s what really sold me into doing it.Grace F.
My mom picked up the numbing cream and I put that on about an hour and a half before and that really worked. I started feeling that. And then there was the ice you guys put on it, I could hardly feel my arm.Grace F.
It was quick too. I haven’t been here for like hours or anything.Grace F.


I absolutely love Invisible Ink. I have had other laser tattoo removal sessions at Synergi Med Spa and The Vein Center CosMed and neither of them even compare to Invisible Ink. Invisible ink specializes in tattoo removal and has the latest technology.Tiffani N.
I was looking for the best places … that specialize in tattoo removal after having a few unsuccessful laser removals elsewhere. It is night and day!Alyssa S.
What attracted me here is that you specialize in tattoo removal and not just anything.Alyssa S.
As soon as I got here you guys took great care of me, explained the whole process, you guaranteed the amount of treatments with the package which is great … and the pain experience is like night and dayAlyssa S.