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What To Expect: Our 4-Step Process

Step 1: Consultation
With our Plastic Surgeon-developed Ink Analytics diagnostics, you’ll receive a free, personalized plan from an experienced technician, specific to your tattoo’s color, placement and skin type. We’ll let you know how much ink we can remove, number of recommended treatments, and a final all-in cost that we will never exceed – all backed up by the Invisible Ink Guarantee. And remember, if we don’t believe we can totally remove your tattoo, we’ll tell you that as well – we want your trust as much as we want your business.

Step 2: Scheduling
Each tattoo removal is unique. That’s why we look at each tattoo removal situation through the lens of our 40-factor proprietary Ink Analytics and nearly 10,000 successful treatments. With Invisible Ink, renewed skin and a new beginning is possible in as few as 8 treatments – each spaced 6 – 8 weeks apart (about half the time of traditional tattoo removal).

Step 3: Treatments
Invisible Ink treatments typically only take a few minutes each. Thanks to FDA-approved Pico Laser’s speed and accuracy, as well as Rx-strength numbing cream and skin chillers, discomfort is reduced to be on par with what it feels like to get a tattoo or, as some of our customers have said, the “snap of a rubber band.”

Step 4: Guaranteed Results
With our proprietary Ink Analytics, we want you to be absolutely confident in the results before you begin. We will explain how much ink we believe can be removed, the number of treatments required, and a final cost we will never exceed. It’s all part of our Invisible Ink Guarantee. In many cases, complete removal occurs with just 5 treatments. If it takes more treatments than quoted, we offer complimentary treatments for an entire year.