The “Change Reaction” Is A Real Thing & Here’s What You Need to Know…

Thumbs up from our client James during treatment with Jennifer Bally, at our Detroit center.

We all learned it in school: an action leads to a reaction. But what happens when an action triggers a chain of reactions?

And what happens, unlike a set of dominoes falling over, when that chain of reactions is increasingly positive instead?

It’s the opposite of a downward spiral.

We call it, The Change Reaction.

We see it every day in our 17 locations across the U.S. We never cease to be amazed by the number of clients that tell us how tattoo removal was the catalyst to make positive changes in other areas of their life.

The Change Reaction at Work in Detroit

We’re kicking things off with an amazing story from James in Detroit, with his permission of course.

When James began his modeling career, he thought getting a large tattoo on his neck would help him stand out from the crowd. His mom disagreed. (Bursting into tears as soon as she saw his bandage.) And he regretted it instantly — signing up for tattoo removal within 48 hours of being tattooed.

Now, James is going through the removal process and claims to be “growing every day” as an individual and an adult.

“It has helped me stay focused. “Obviously [getting the tattoo removed] is a big obstacle — if I can handle this and take care of this, anything else down the road should be a slice of pie. This is something that is life changing. Knowing I can get it changed and removed is phenomenal.”

With tattoo regret in the rear view mirror and a new, more confident outlook, James has designs on pursuing an acting career. He envisions a big move from Detroit to Hollywood in the next ten years or so.

We can’t wait to see him at the box office someday soon!

Check out his story from a recent feature on CBS 62 Detroit below.

Have you seen the Change Reaction come into play in your life? Tag us on social media with #iichange or leave a comment and you could be featured on our next blog!

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