Thinking of a Change? This 81-Song Playlist is Just for You

Our CEO’s Change-Inspired Playlist

I love music. Like most people, it inspires creativity and helps me get into different grooves, whether it be writing, exercising, relaxing, driving or cutting loose. Ever tried skiing to a killer playlist? A completely different experience.

So, it was only natural that when I joined Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers as CEO, I turned to an old friend (music) and in this case more specifically Spotify® for some inspiration.

There’s an obvious connection between tattoos and music – both are forms of art, take on different shapes and sounds according to their creators and listeners (or in the case of ink – the wearers) and are inspired by life’s journey.

Plus, who doesn’t think a rock star looks more bad-ass with a little ink?

Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers was founded back in 2014, partly in the wholesome hills and trees of Cincinnati and partly in the halls of MIT in Cambridge on a simple question: People change. Why are tattoos forever?

Greatest Hits: People Change – 1.0

It didn’t take long for me to connect the dots and immediately start to compile songs about change, evolution, transformation and metamorphosis – and boy was I surprised by how much material there was! That was the ‘People Change’ playlist, 1.0. It had about 25-30 songs, garden variety stuff and lots of layups like Man in the Mirror, David Bowie and Sheryl Crow.

B-Sides – The Build: People Change – 2.0

I was also faced with another challenge in my new job: How can I connect with all of my new teammates in 20+ locations nationwide? How will I get to know them and help them get to know me? I quickly sent a note to our teams in 20 cities and asked them to collaborate: What songs inspired their changes? Which artists did they turn to when going through life’s inevitable changes? Viola! We quickly had ‘People Change’ playlist, 2.0. We got some B-sides going with new artists and songs I’d never heard of – and it let me connect with our teams in new ways. Music provided an immediate conversation piece – and the list nearly tripled in size! Current count: 81 songs.

Deep Tracks: People Change – 3.0 (Your Challenge!)

It’s been a few months now, and as much as I love this list, it needs a new jolt of variety. Have any suggestions? Additions? We are always looking for new inspiration to change – especially as new artists emerge, and new music is created every day. Can you help us stay current and keep our change music library current?

Help us create version 3.0 of ‘People Change’ — give us some adds in the comments and we’ll keep building and changing together, one song at a time!


P.S. If these songs make you want to get a tattoo, fade, remove or change one – tell us about that, too! We never tire of hearing stories of change.

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