Our Clinical Crew: Their Top 7 Tips on Reducing Pain

Meet Kayce and Tera – combined they have treated thousands of people over the years, specializing in tattoo removal. We got them to tell us the REAL deal about pain and the tattoo removal process. Here are their seven need-to-know tips…

Tips for Pre-Treatment: 

Remember why you’re doing this. The actual time you’re under the laser will be a matter of minutes, but you have a lifetime ahead of you, void of tattoo regret.

2. R-E-L-A-X
Prior to your appointment, let loose. If you can, take a nice, hot shower to open up pores and increase absorption of the topical numbing cream we provide.


Skip the Advil and other pain medications – they lead to increased bruising. And nobody wants that.

If you’re choosing to use numbing cream, apply the pre-allotted amount approximately 1.5 to 2 hours before your session for the most effective result. The numbing cream should only be applied to clean, dry skin (no other lotion). First, apply a thin coat to the session area until it is completely absorbed into the skin. Next, use the rest to apply a more generous layer that sits on top of the skin, unabsorbed. Don’t worry if your skin gives off a pink hue; this is a normal, natural reaction!

After applying cream, apply plastic wrap and tape to the skin to keep the area smothered in numbing goodness. (If your tattoo is hard to reach, our centers are happy to help! Just give your laser manager a heads-up and plan to come in early.)


Once you arrive for treatment, take deep, relaxing breaths. (The Headspace app is great, btw.Your Laser Manager will greet you with a smile, get you set up in the treatment room, make sure you’re comfortable and clean your tattoo. Talk with her and don’t be shy about how you’re feeling. (52% of Invisible Ink staff have had tattoos removed or are in the process, so we’ve been in your shoes!) If you’re nervous, ask for a blast of cool air from our Zimmer Cryo Chillers. Some clients ask to hold the tube and control where they want to apply relief – and that’s fine with us!

For smaller tattoos, sessions tend to be over before you realize they’ve started. And then you’re done for another 8 weeks! But for larger, colorful tattoos we have to rest between changing PicoWay® wavelengths. Keep that in mind. If you feel like the numbing cream and chillers aren’t enough and have to stop, let your Laser Manager know and they’ll work with you to get pain under control.


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